Thoughts on the “Elven Princess Syndrome”

Elven PrincessThe “Elven Princess Syndrome” is a name given o the phenomenon of Elven kin claiming the rank of Princess, which, apparently, is not uncommon and gives rise to controversy or embarrassment among some.

I saw a rare Aristasian comment on the matter on an Otherkin site. It said in part:

In Aristasia, as in many traditional societies, the title of Princess is not that rare. In modern Britain, only a tiny handful of people bear the title, since it only applies to people very near the throne. In all Aristasian nations there are dozens, if not hundreds, of princesses, some very far from succession (there is an Aristasian novel being serialized online currently in which one character is a princess 54th in line to the throne of Novaria).

So if other peoples are similar to ours I am not that surprised to find a scattering of princesses – a Queen would be quite a different matter!

In fact I wonder why there are no princesses among my people here – but perhaps the time has not yet come for our royalty to be deployed.

Full discussion here

I asked a teacher about this and she wrote to me:

Intemorphic royalty is considered to be of semi-divine birth. The Aristasian Imperial family have the Sun-blood in their veins. Others might have the blood of other Janyati – Sai Sushuri or Sai Mati for instance. They are not like roman emperors or modern Telluran politicians who have gained power because they are popular with the mob or the moneyed interests or the army. They are incarnations of an Angelic Principle, servants of Dea and the people, spiritual leaders on the Raihira plane. For such an intemorph to be incarnated as a schizomorph would be a very great fall.

So far, we know no Royal Femmekin or claimants to royalty. But of course languages and ideas may differ. Among some High Elven peoples, perhaps the name “Princess” may mean something akin to what “Raihira” (a member of the Noble Estate) means in Aristasia.

And what of Elven intemorphs? In Telluria the concept of intemorphism is new, so people of intemorph kin may try to understand themselves according to the schizomorph model – that being the only one they consciously know. But are there Elven maidens – Princesses or other – who recall life among a people where there were no boy-elves, and perhaps two kinds of girl-elves?

It is an exciting time! Perhaps we are on the verge of discovering much!

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  1. This gives me a lot to think about. I have had very intense visions of the land that seems to be my home. It is a world of peace and order, small villages and traditional life. I was always puzzled about the gender of my people. They seemed sort of genderless, but more like women than men and definitely some seem strong and guarding and others more ethereal.

    I think I may come of an intemorphic race. It makes more sense of what I have seen than anything else I ever heard. It helps me to understand my people and myself. Thank you for this.

  2. elves have always been a part of life in the other realms. girls call themselves princess to elevate themselves. it gives them the drive, to prove their male counterparts wrong, or just sneer at other girls. i happen to be closer to those of lesser height. elven women of any age by royal lineage, are entitled to it by birth. there are many types of sub races, one being the lesser known common elf. who would gladly fight along side any worthy human.

  3. ‘Princess’ in the english language always means a female member of a royal family who does not reign. Queens reign, kings reign, but princes and princesses do not.

    As such, the meaning of the word ‘princess’ in other cultures is not debatable. The word itself remains the same, as does the meaning.
    If you mean something else, then don’t use the word. It’s as simple as that.

  4. It is very, very similar among the Star Mermaids/Nummo of Sirius, where I am from. Those who have such a title also happen to have complete knowledge of both the most ancient past as well as the furthest-flung future.
    As for definitions, a Tellurian princess is as different from a Herthelan princess as a jackhammer is from an apple tree. There are a few similarities, but it is more the differences that are clear. Much love!

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