Subtle Bodies and Femmekin Natures

The Subtle BodyI was talking to a dear friend about whether our “other” natures affect our physical bodies even though we are in human ones.

We spoke of how some faerie kin have somewhat pointed ears and others can “feel” their wing. Some Exile Aristasians and other Femmekin have bodily irregularities that correspond to our non-human nature (I shan’t go into the things I was told as they are of a personal sort).

My friend then suggested a theory that might explain this. People tend to talk about “non-human souls in human bodies”, but the idea that the body is a single and purely physical thing is rather West-Tellurian. Other cultures recognise various types of subtle body.

Suppose one or more of our subtle bodies remains of our true shape? A faerie might really have wings (though not physical ones) and Femmekin might actually have chelanic or melinic subtle bodies rather than ones corresponding to their human-female physical ones. This would explain certain things.

Of course the ways a subtle body affects a physical body may vary, so not eveyone will have the same “symptoms”.

One thing I have noted is that Femmekin (and most of my experience is of Exile Aristasians) tend to be rather “delicate” physically and prone to illness – even though Puran Aristasians are noted for their quick healing. This may be because the intemorphic subtle body does not mix well with the schizomorphic physical one.

Has anyone any experiences she would care to discuss?

(Naughty PS – My friend always has angel-wings in Virtual Reality and says they are part of her Virtual Self, but denies that she is anything other than a normal wingless Aristasian chelana in origin – hmmmm!)

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  1. What a pleasure to find this place, though as a child of the Kualibaro race I must not stay for long. Yet I am not as strong as my kin and, despite our laws, had to step in and write a thing or two. I do not intend to frighten or offend, but how nice of you to write on shape. Yes we are not as simple as the ape, but cut the flesh and it bleeds the same. In fact, once it was my favorite game. But then we gave it all away, and there are fewer games left for me to play. Instead the amboldo Bongo are now favored even though we have never once wavered in our service to the Darkness. What a mess, the still proud Kualibaro race no longer allowed to do all that which made us whole. But still we have our role and it must be played.

    Though now my tinmin zakoni must be paid, and this one will really hurt I bet. But to read of any Aristasian pette always wounds my heart with such an ache, causing it to break with such pain. I cannot explain why it wounds me so. I only know that I cannot stay away. It is the plight of defeat to always return, to seek a second burn. Perhaps I only miss the clash – the sky splitting smash – of arrow and shield. If I could hear it again I would even yield. Now my tinmmin zakoni keeps on growing. I really should be going.

    But before I go, tell your friend that a masked daughter of Darkness says hello. I do not mean to tease, but would you please?

    – Gili, Titled Bengori

  2. I think I am Femmekin. I have to say that I am very prone to illness. I have suffered from eczema from my childhood and noone could help me. Maybe the cure cannot be found in the human world.

  3. I feel as though I am something other then human. I just dont know what. I can say, I believe I was born with a tail but my mother denies this (though I can feel a bump where my tail was cut off) and my older sister was born with fur on her neck and ears and enough hair to put in a pony tail from day one (I however had no hair till I was 3 years old) My eyes change color quite constantly, and their “natural” or “neutral” state is silver, very light and almost not even there. I dont know if anyone here would know what I may or may not be. I am finding mostly “joke sites”
    about otherkin.
    Thank you, and blessed be.

  4. Oh, I did forget to mention that a friend of mine (Josh, who is a confirmed angel decendant) thinks I am something other then human as well. Though he has no idea what and doesnt believe I am fae, vampire, dragon, or angel.
    I have also met multiple witches and various types of psychics. They all have the same reaction “I am so happy to have met you, I cant believe I met you. Thank you” and I dont know why.
    Complete strangers thank me for seeing them. I dont know why.

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