Femmekin, Otherkin and Aristasians

Aristasian KinQ. Doesn’t the concept of Femmekin come from Aristasia?

A. Aristasians don’t use the word Femmekin, but the concept of Intemorphism (a race having two feminine sexes) seems to have been introduced to Telluria by them. It is this concept that makes the idea of Femmekin possible. Without it Femmekin could not have identified themselves and would probably (as many still do) have tried to understand themselves in schizomorphic (male/female race) terms.

Q. Are Aristasians Otherkin?

A. Otherkin are non-humans who in one way or another are incarnate in Telluria (earth). Exile Aristasians fit into this pattern. They belong to the Motherland, not to Telluria and believe that their origins are there. So logically you have to regard them as a subset of Otherkin.

Q. Would they be happy about that? Would they identify themselves as Otherkin?

A. Aristasians are a very logical people, so I think they would accept that they are a subset of Otherkin – but of course the term Otherkin defines what people are not, not what they are. “Gaijin” means non-Japanese people, so Americans are a subset of Gaijin. But most Americans don’t identify themselves as Gaijin, they think of themselves as American. In the same way, Aristasians don’t identify themselves as Otherkin, they identify themselves as Aristasian.

Actually the Aristasians think more like the Japanese. To them everyone who isn’t an Aristasian is an Outlander (Aristasian equivalent to Gaijin). That is the fundamental distinction for Aristasians: Aristasian and Outlander.

Q. Of course there is a difference. Americans, and Japanese, live in a large country surrounded by millions of their own people. Aristasians, like other Otherkin, are a tiny minority surrounded by an alien people.

A. That is true, but you have to remember that Aristasians, especially Exiles , see themselves as an outpost of a great and powerful Empire, while they see Tellurians – especially modern Western Tellurians – as barbarians.

Q. That sounds harsh.

A. It isn’t thought of harshly, but they see a people who:

  1. Kill their own kind – often in organised wars.
  2. Practise torture and cruelty fairly regularly in every generation.
  3. Appear to have an obsession with their own waste products and reproductive functions, referring to them frequently, sometimes literally and sometimes as means of vituperation, humour or emphasis.
  4. Have a ‘science’ which, while fairly sophisticated in technical terms, is grossly ignorant regarding everything beyond the physical plane.

These are signs of a crude and semi-civilised people to Aristasians. Therefore, they do not see themselves as being ‘outnumbered’ by people of their own standing, but as constituting an outpost of civilisation in a savage land.

Q. Did Aristasian ideas develop from broader Otherkin ideas

A. No. Aristasia seems to have begun in Telluria considerably before Otherkin. The sense that some people do not belong to Telluria but to somewhere else seems to have developed in several places independently. I makes me wonder if, for some reason, Telluria isn’t attracting souls that do not truly belong here.

Q. So Aristasians must also be a subset of Femmekin.

A. Yes, Femmekin are a subset of Otherkin, Aristasians a subset of Femmekin.

Q. But Aristasia came before Femmekin.

A. As a concept in Telluria, yes. It is through Aristasia that the knowledge of intemorphic peoples is available in Telluria.

Q. Do Aristasians recognise other Femmekin?

A. They don’t use the word, but in various places Aristasians suggest or imply that there are other intemorphic peoples than themselves. They also recognise the shiani, which is the Aristasian term for fae, and naturally refers to faerie peoples who are intemorphic.

Q. Do Aristasians accept that shiani may be here in Telluria?

A. Their views vary. Some hold that all shiani (even Tellurian faeries) are intemorphic. I think they might be slow to accept the idea that a faery is among them in a more-or-less human body.

Q. Have you tried that on them?

A. Er – no.

Q. You use a lot of Aristasian language. Do you think all Femmekin should use Aristasian language?

A. I use the English language too, though I am not even human. It is the communication tool fate has given me. Aristasia has a language of description and philosophy that allows us to talk about and understand intemorphism. It would be foolish to disregard that.

Q. What about Aristasian manners? I notice that you ‘make reverence’ – bow -like an Aristasian.

A. Most civilised peoples bow – Indians, Japanese, Chinese – even Europeans used to. For Femmekin, the nearest Great Civilisation to us is the Herthelan Raihir (Aristasian Empire). Naturally we will pick up their manners.

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  1. You say humans:

    Appear to have an obsession with their own waste products and reproductive functions, referring to them frequently, sometimes literally and sometimes as means of vituperation, humour or emphasis.

    I’ve noticed that too. It is really strange, isn’t it? I mean it is such an odd thing to do, and many of them do it all the time.

    Is it true that Femmekin languages have no cuss-words?

  2. Cuss-words. I suppose they come into three main categories:

    3.Profane (that is breaking religious taboo)

    From what we know of intemorph societies, sex and scatology really do not fascinate them to the same degree they do schizomorphs. Human (meaning intemorph) waste is no funnier than household dirt and “rude” words for it do not exist.

    Sex is less central because reproduction is not such a pressing necessity for intemorphs. It is treated with reverence and too much discussion might be taboo, but there are no “rude” words. Breaking taboos would be considered odd and possibly distasteful, but in no way admirable, funny or “tough”. People just wouldn’t understand it.

    Religious taboo: even in those intemorph religions that are most like West-Tellurian ones (we are going by Aristasian information here) there is no prohibition on “Taking the Lady’s name in vain”. In fact invoking the Divine Names is considered good, even in everyday situations. Doing it with deliberate disrespect would again be considered simply odd and ignorant.

  3. What is an “Aristasian”? What other species or races exist that are “intemorphic” and not “Aristasian”?

  4. An Aristasian is usually understood to mean a humanoid inhabitant of the world called Sai Herthe. More usually it is used to mean a subject of the Westrenne Empire of Sai Herthe and a member of one of the seven Nations of that Empire.

    There have been Aristasians awakened and active in Telluria (earth) for about thirty years (to our knowledge) and they have had an internet presence since the mid-90s. Some Aristasians are “adopted” humans and others are “Exiles”, or Herthelani born into human bodies.

    So far we do not know much about non-Aristasian intemorphs and are not certain whether any are present in Telluria, but some girls feel that they may be Shiani (intemorphic Fae) or possibly non-Aristasian humanoid intemorphs.

  5. Would it follow that someone who perhaps doesnt know they are a femmekin, and lives on earth would be concidered a lesbian?
    I have met quite a few people (ones concidered males) who are very feminine and feel they should have never turned male. I also know quite a few people (females) who have had “sex” changes to become men so that it would be more acceptable for that person to have a relationship with another female. Most of these people I refer to always felt different and I am wondering if this is why.

  6. Female to Male trangenderism does exist. These are not lesbians.

  7. Excuse me?

    FtM transgenderism (sometimes known as TransMen) /does/ exist, though it is not as common as MtF transgenderism.

    ^ This guy, looks very much like a guy. This guy was born a girl.

  8. Oh god, I so read that wrong. ><;I thought you saiddoes not exist…


  9. pnlavuw

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