Introduction to Femmekin – the Other Otherkin

Femmekin OtherkinThis is a place for the all-feminine races of Otherkin.

Femmekin are a particular type of Otherkin – those who come from all-feminine races.

Otherkin, you may know, are people on this earth who believe that their true nature is that of a non-human people from another world or plane of being.

Otherkin are of different types, elves, dragons, angels, even wolves and vampires. Femmekin are not a single kind of Otherkin. We may be may kinds. We have likely not met all our kinds yet. We know that there are intemorphic (all-feminine) humanoids. There are also intemorphic shiani (faeries) in fact, shiani, being an Aristasian word means “intemorphic faeries” by default. There may be intemorphic elves and many other intemorphic races, and some or all of these may be incarnate in this world as Otherkin.

Otherkin tend to be assumed to be schizomorphic races – that is peoples that have both females and males. But some Otherkin come from Intemorphic races which have two feminine sexes. And there are perhaps some races that have a single feminine type with no “sexes” at all.

Why do we call ourselves feminine? Well, when we are humanoid we look like human females (though biologically we are different – females being the biological counterpart to males) . We are not actually female, but we are feminine. We know that biologically the female sex is the original sex. Even among humans all children are conceived feminine – only exposure to male hormones creates a male creature. In humans it happens in two stages – first in the womb and then at puberty, when secondary sexual characteristics such as deep voice and beard are acquired. Before this second stage, boys retain the normative feminine characteristics in these respects.

Femininity is not simply the converse of masculinity. It is the normative, original state of life. Many peoples throughout the universe are purely feminine. Indeed, schizomorphic (male/female) peoples are an exception and some think a late development that took place only in a few worlds.

Intemorphism is something that we have come to know about recently through the copious writings of Aristasia. Aristasia recognizes that there are “Exile Aristasians” – Aristasians who are not originally human but come, in some way, from the Aristasian world of Sai Herthe.

But it is likely there are other intemorphic worlds, and there are shiani (fae) in Sai Herthe who are intemorphic. Any or all of these peoples may have Otherkin – members who for whatever reason find themselves marooned in Telluria (this human world).

The ability of Otherkin to remember and awaken to our true nature tends to be limited by the information available to help us “crystallize” our realization.

As the possibility of Intemorphism becomes more widely known, we are sure that more and more female Otherkin will awaken to the fact that they are not from schizomorph worlds at all but are in fact Femmekin.

That is what this site is about. Femmekin and everything to do with us. It is a new concept, and femmekin are likely to feel even more lost, alone and stranded in Telluria than schizomorphic Otherkin (who at least have their schizomorphism in common with humans).

Here is a nest on the net where we can discover ourselves, discuss our feelings, our experiences and our realizations, and perhaps feel at home for the first time ever.

Comments are absolutely welcomed. We aim to keep commenting open and free. Any femmekin or anyone who thinks she may be femmekin is very very welcome to post her thoughts, feelings questions, chatter or anything at all.

This is your nest on the net. You may have felt more other than the otherest Otherkin – but you don’t have to any more!

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